• Store and transport at room temperature. • Record site taken on tube label. • Do not pierce foil cap. • A first pass urine (the fi rst 20-30mls, or half a pot collected at least 2 hours post micturition) • Collect urine in a sterile yellow topped 70ml pot. Use the pipette supplied to transfer (within 24hrs) into the ‘Urine
Add the sample to the test by sliding the cap from the reaction cup and dispense the urine sample (140 mL) into the reaction cup and incubate 10 minutes at room temperature Using the pipette provided, attach a new clean pipette tip, carefully transfer the reaction mix from the reaction cup to the point in the Detection Area indicated by the arrow.
Label the sample appropriately and store at room temperature until pick-up. Note: The yellow-top, blue line tube cannot be used for collection and transport of specimens for urine culture. **This test code does not include reflex to culture** If reflex to culture is desired, please order "Urinalysis, Complete, with Reflex to Culture" (test code ... TEST 2 FOR THE 2nd QUARTERPut in a / an, the or zero article (Ø). (предложения полностью не писать, написать только артикли, в столбик!!!)1) What do … you usually have for…. dinner?2) My son is…. very talented person: he can play the komuz, dance and sing well.3) After….. lunch Farida...
Urine dipsticks are used to detect intact red blood cells, free hemoglobin, and myoglobin. Normal urine specimens test negative for blood. False positives can be caused by the presence of hypochlorite (bleach) 20 and consumption of colored medications and foods containing dyes 22. Microbial peroxidase can also cause false positive reactions 20 ...
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